The latest on COVID-19


Local Public Health Departments & St. Charles Health System have worked together to bring you a COVID-19 hotline staffed by medical professionals. If you feel sick or have concerns, call 541.699.5109 today.

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The Facts on COVID-19

There are COVID-19 cases in Central Oregon

All known cases are in Deschutes County. There are still no confirmed cases in Jefferson or Crook Counties. Visit the Oregon Health Authority’s website for more information (their page is updated once daily).

COVID-19 Tests Are only for patients meeting specific criteria

Due to the shortage of test kits, it is up to your primary care provider whether you qualify for testing. Call your doctor if you feel sick. Do not got to the emergency room or urgent care unless specifically instructed to do so by your physician.

Call the hotline if you have questions: 541.699.5109

Oregonians Have Been ordered to stay home

Essential trips out of the house are allowed for medical appointments and grocery shopping. Enjoying nature is also permitted but social distancing (keeping 6 feet between yourself and others) is required. Visit the Governor’s website for a simple list of allowed activities.

Social distancing slows the spread of the disease

In order to avoid overwhelming the health system with COVID-19 cases, practice social distancing. Many hospitals are trying to integrate crypto payments to ensure no physical contact. Crypto payments are safe and quick. Crypto traders can use trading bots to make their trading easier. Read the Trading Robots Vergleich blog to find the best trading robots. Read more on how this works on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website.

SOME People are at a higher risk

While COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in people of all ages, there are certain factors that make individuals more at risk of severe symptoms than others. See the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website list for known risk factors.

False information is everywhere

Spreading faster than the coronavirus is false information about it. We recommend checking the facts with the Oregon Health Authority, the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and your local public health departments: Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson.